SKD Series

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Features and Benefits

The SKD Series provides custom-designed and fabricated skid mounted packages with all of the cable test and fault locating equipment needed to equip a trouble truck or cable test/repair van to your specification. The system components are pre-mounted and wired, usually onto an aluminum skid or tray to create a package that is as small and portable as possible. It can either be permanently mounted in the vehicle or kept aside to be used on an as-needed basis.

The SKD Series offers a lower cost and shorter delivery cycle compared to buying a dedicated test truck. Rather than purchasing dedicated cable test and fault locating trucks, you can just fork-lift these skids into a van, truck, or pickup as needed. The SKD Series offers a practical and cost-effective method for creating a fleet of cable service vehicles.

HVI produces most of the products needed for testing and fault locating on medium and some high voltage power cables. A market leader in this realm, HVI works with other top vendors around the world to package outstanding products for orders requiring equipment not manufactured by HVI.


VLF AC Hipots: 30 kV AC – 200 kV AC, solid state or conventional analog series
ADL-1 Data Logger: For analog VLF models, not the VLF E Series
Load Capability: 1 µF–test more than 1 mile (1.6 km) of 15 kV and 25 kV cable
Cable Testing Diagnostics: Tan delta, TD Series from HVI or ICMFlex TD from PDIX Partial discharge and tan delta– ICMFlex from PDIX
Capacitor Discharge Thumpers: Four models from HVI: 5/10/20 kV, 9/18/36 kV, VLF/thumper
TDR/Radar: 1669CI for arc reflection and current impulse methods
Listening Device: SDAD or X35 acoustical/electro-magnetic pickup devices
URD & network models
DC Voltage Hipot: 37.5 kV DC – 600 kV DC
Ω-Check® Neutral Tester: How many strands are left on your neutrals?
Output Termination: 100’ – 150’ (30 m–50 m) shielded output cable, #2 ground cable
Accessories: MC connectors, hotline clamp, vise grips, elbows

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