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Motor Generator Testing

At the time of manufacture or after a rotating machine has been repaired, a high voltage withstand test using AC, DC, and sometimes diagnostic tests such as power factor, tan delta, or partial discharge need to be performed depending on the ANSI or IEEE standard or the specification given by your customer. One of these IEEE standards is 433, which allows for the use of very low frequency (VLF) technology utilizing an AC wave shape to test the rotating machine while dropping the frequency down to 0.1 – 0.01 Hz to reduce the high loads associated with power frequency testing. VLF technology has given rise to much smaller and truly field-portable test sets. Rotating machine manufacturers and EASA member shops all need to be prepared to perform a variety of test per their customers’ specifications and related standards.

High Voltage, Inc. has been serving the rotating machine industry with test equipment since 1998. Our full line of high voltage test equipment allows for withstand testing of rotors and stators using DC, AC, or VLF hipots and dielectric test sets. We also offer a full line of diagnostic tools such as tan delta and partial discharge for use with HVI VLF hipots in accordance with IEEE 433.

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